UkrTOWER and Intertelecom start cooperation

UkrTower, Ukraine’s first and only modern, customer oriented tower service provider company with world standards of quality, today announced that it is supplying antenna spaces for telecommunication equipment allocation for Intertelecom on the towers which are property of UkrTower. Intertelecom, the foremost & first national CDMA operator in Ukraine, installs its antennas on UkrTower’s towers to expand its coverage area in a short time in all over Ukraine.

“Since its inception, Intertelecom has made investments in its infrastructure in order to offer basic and new services to its subscribers with easy access to information with a wide coverage in Ukraine. Therefore, we decided to lease antenna space on UkrTower’s towers in order to save time and money by streamlining the site management and civil work processes and speed up our network deployment to expand our coverage area in the country in a short time.” said Boris Akulov, General Director of Intertelecom.

UkrTower’s site leasing and infrastructure sharing business model eliminates the initial investment costs for its customers and also contributes to the reduction of environmental impacts and the efficient usage of resources in the countries of operation.

“I believe that our cooperation with Intertelecom will encourage other Ukrainian Mobile operators to use UkrTower’s towers which are suitable to be shared by different tenants. The main advantages of our business model:   (*) Saving our tenants time by providing an existing telecom ready facility, allowing them to deploy faster, (*) Saving our clients CAPEX and Financing expenses by providing an existing telecom ready infrastructure, (*) Offering very attractive tower lease fee since towers are used by several operators, (*) Eliminates the need for managing landlord, maintenance process & all necessary agreements, approvals and legalization with authorities.” said Zafer Ozbay, General Director of UkrTower.

About UkrTower,

UkrTower was established in November 2008 with the vision of carrying communication everywhere. UkrTower serves to the broadcast and wireless communication industries with its new business model which eliminates the initial investment costs of tower and point of presence sites.

UkrTower’s business model on tower and point of presence hosting services gives the opportunity to the customers to transfer their time, labor and financial resources to any other operational, managerial and marketing areas while preventing the customers against field operations, tower/energy infrastructure costs and acquisition processes.

About Intertelecom,

Intertelecom – the first national CDMA the operator.  Intertelecom provides services of local and mobile communication of standard CDMA, as well as wireless access at Internet. Intertelecom provides qualitative, available, ecologically safe and confidential communication. The unique offer of the company is the possibility of simultaneous granting to subscribers of direct city and mobile numbers.

At the moment among CDMA-operators Intertelecom has the widest uniform cover zone and a uniform operative range of phone in Ukraine. One of priority directions of activity of the company is progress of networks of rural communication with granting direct regional numbers and services of high-speed data transmission.  Intertelecom advances new technologies of communication, expands a cover zone and plans to render services of wireless cellular communication practically in all territory of Ukraine.